Our Projects

Food For Tots

Food For Tots is a campaign run by Invessa Foundation to help specific schools to raise funds for students and social activities.

We Support Giant Steps School

Invessa Foundation brought hockey player Alex Galchenyuk to Giant Steps School on December 16, 2015 to visit children with autism.

Contribution for telescope

Invessa Foundation contributed to the Dizia Institute in Nicaragua toward the purchase of a telescope for its students.

We Support Shields of Athena

The shields of athena is a non-profit organization for the victims of family abuse.

Pierre de Coubertin School

Food For Tots was delighted to be a part of Pierre de Coubertin Movie Night on November 16, 2012. Contributors to the campaign are Pasta Tutti Giorni, Lesters Foods and La Belle Province.

Greek Charity Concert

Invessa Foundation sponsored the Greek Charity Concert January 18th @ the Rialto to benefit Food For Tots program.

We Support Penelope House

Penelope House was founded in 1979 and provides protection and support to victims of domestic abuse and their children.

We Support Generations foundation

Generations Foundation aims to develop and administer programs to help people of all generations. www.generationsfoundation.com.

We supported L.M.A.C. in 2012

Food For Tots and Invessa Foundation teamed up with Living Moving and Conquering Cancer (L.M.A.C.) on May 11th, 2012 at the Laurier MacDonald High School.

“Food For Tots” is a campaign run by the Invessa Foundation to help specific communities in need and within its schools to raise funds and help the surrounding areas and residents. Each event allows the schools to raise money for the students and social activities and the children within the community.
All sponsorship and donations will be donated to the “Food For Tots” program and will be donated through different events monthly to schools in the English Montreal School Board and Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board. These events give us the opportunity to reach out in the communities and reinforce the importance of education in children’s growth in order to expand their horizons.